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GTA III APK V1.9 Download For Android [Latest Version 2023]

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In 2001 GTA launched its third sequel GTA III. It is published by rockstar games and developed by DMA Design. It is an open-world game like other GTA sequels. You can walk or take any vehicle to go everywhere on the map.

When GTA 3 was released it became the highest selling game of 2001. It had sold over 14 million copies till 2008. It received several game awards because of its gameplay and game design. The main modified version of the game released on the year of 2008. The game is based on a third-person perspective and you can do whatever you want on the map.

The story is based on Claude the protagonist of the game. During a robbery, he was robbed and left for dead by his girlfriend. After that, he wants to take revenge which leads him to a dangerous world. A world of dangerous people, drugs, money, and corruption. How he manages everything that comes his way it’s the main mission of the GTA 3 android game. Stay with us to know more about the GTA 3 Android game.

About GTA 3 Android Game

GTA 3 android game is popular among GTA sequels as it sold 14 million copies in 2008. It is a third-person perspective action-adventure game that includes 3 maps.

As the story goes you will be able to enjoy the maps. The missions are breathtaking as it includes gang members, drugs, and corruption. The main character Claude who is robbed and left for dead by his girlfriend wants to take revenge. He steps into the world of corruption and violence.


In GTA 3 Android game, you will see a variety of vehicles. You can swim, run and jump and roam around with different vehicles. Clearing missions to get money and get guns from dealers across the street.

In GTA 3 mobile game, if you commit any crime, the wanted stars will rise. As it increases to 6 stars, then you will be the most wanted criminal in the city. The swat team and the police will chase you to shoot you. You have to run around for a while to cool down the stars.

Guns like M16, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers are available. Fighting with gang members and chasing them is also entertaining. Committing a crime and running for a long time to save from the police is pretty much fun.

Features Of Grand Theft Auto III Android

GTA 3 is an action-adventure game which is developed by rockstar games. It is the third sequel of the GTA series. You have to complete the missions with different situations, different objectives, and different achievements.

The storyline will lead you to a variety of missions with side missions. If you don’t want to play the missions, Fine! You can just roam around the map and do other kinds of stuff.

The ability to roam free around the map and do everything is the main theme of the GTA series. GTA 3 mobile consist of three big places. Those are Portland, shoreside vale, and Staunton Island. Initially, you have Portland open from the beginning of the game. But after that, as the missions go further the last two maps will be opened too.


In the GTA III Android game, you have a mini-map in the top right corner. There you can see your health bar, weapons, and police wanted stars. In the game, the character can run, jump, climb, and drive.

You can drive any vehicle by clicking enter near the vehicle. You can shoot using different kinds of weapons as guns, bombs, and other melee weapons.

You can also take damage from others. If you wear armor the damage will reduce. You can restore your health after taking damage by roaming around for a long time or taking health kits.

The regeneration in GTA 3 mobile is slow, so you have to be careful. Check the sidewalks for health kits. If any case you lose your life, then you can be respawned in a hospital.

In GTA 3 mobile game players can commit crimes. The crimes will increase the wanted stars of the player. The more crime you do the more stars will increase. The maximum is 6 stars. After that, the whole squadron of the police department will come for you. With tanks, cars, helicopters, SWAT teams, and many more. If you survive then good. If not then you will wake up in the hospital.


To be released from a wanted list you need to run from the crime spot and keep going until the wanted stars will decrease. After getting cool down a bit you can roam around freely again.

GTA 3 android game provides various missions which come with different gang members and criminal organizations. You need to either complete these missions peacefully or you need to complete them by killing them all. It all depends on you, as the story goes you will eventually find out.

In GTA 3 mobile game different types of guns are available. Weapons like ak47, M16, and other sniper rifles are available. You can shop for guns from local dealers. Missions like stealing, robbing, killing, and chasing are top-notch.

Game Details

Game NameGrand Theft Auto III
Size688 MB
Required Android7.0 and Up
Apk Provided
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How To Download GTA 3 Apk For Android

Here we will give you the download link to GTA 3 Mobile. This game can run smoothly on your Android device. GTA 3 doesn’t need high specs so it can run on every Android device. You don’t need to download any OBB file just install the APK.

  • First click the download button below.
  • Then allow permission from unknown resources in your Android device.
  • Then install GTA 3 Apk and enjoy the game.

Pros And Cons Of GTA III Mobile


  • Better weather effects.
  • Higher resolution than previous ones.
  • Improved city designs.
  • New missions.
  • Improved details on each thing.


  • Character can’t swim.
  • You can’t get out of moving vehicles.
  • The durability of vehicles is low.
  • Limited gameplay.


This is all about the details of the GTA 3 Android game. You can enjoy this splendid game on your Android device. This game doesn’t need high spec or more storage capacity to play. It can run easily on low-spec devices having an Android version above 7.0. So stay with us to enjoy all the sequels of GTA.