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In 2008 Rockstar launched its sixth entry in the GTA franchise named GTA IV. It was developed by and published by Rockstar Games. It is a third-person perspective action game. As the game initially launched for PS and XBOX series. This game was officially not launched for Android devices, but you can download and enjoy it.

In this game, the protagonist Niko Bellic is trying to overcome form his past deeds but for some reason, it is hard to get out from the past for him. Because in his past he includes in a variety of criminal organizations and corruption so it is hunting him.

As the story goes forward you will see different mafias, high-class criminals, and thugs. The gameplay is good but the story is pretty good because after GTA san andreas, they put a lot of effort in the story rather than in the graphics. But the graphics and design are more realistic than any other previous GTA games.

It includes liberty city and the neighboring state of Alderney with 3 main islands. In the year 2013, it was the bestselling video game as it sold over 25 million copies. It also won many gaming awards like a Game of the Year award.

About GTA 4 Mobile Game

GTA IV mobile game is an action and adventure game that allows players to enjoy the free world. The player can experience the third-person perspective view. You can go anywhere by foot or by any vehicle.

It was first launched for PS 3 consoles and Xbox 360. The story is based on Niko Bellic who is trying to escape from his past as he goes through different hurdles.

It includes high-class criminals and corruption which he will face on his way. The storyline is good as they focused a lot on this. After san andreas they put a lot of effort into it GTA 4 mobile game. The graphics are good and the real-world view is pretty good too.

gta 4 mobile gameplay

You will find certain things that look more real other than in GTA’s previous series. The Lost and damned, the Ballad of gay tony these are the new plots that are connected to GTA 4 mobile.

There is also an online mode in GTA IV mobile game. It allows 32 players to play against each other. After so many releases, the game leads to a good world design, better gameplay than other series, and a good storyline.

The character can jump, run, fight, and can do almost anything in the game. The GTA 4 mobile game allows you to do what you want to do on the map as it gives free access to the player.

Features Of GTA IV Mobile

Grand theft auto 4 is an action-adventure game in which you have to complete several missions following a good storyline. As developer did a good job in focusing the story but, they lacked slightly in the gameplay.

After so many sequels GTA 4 mobile comes with a great storyline, a good design map, extra side missions, and many more. As it is not an official GTA IV, it is developed by an Individual developer. (Fan-Made Version)

In GTA 4 mobile players can use melee weapons, firearms, and bombs. All weapons are available in the game as the storyline goes forward. The player can jump, run, swim, and climb.

gta 4 mobile red car on the road

You can also use hand-to-hand combat and also you can use different weapons in a fight. You can also use body armor against heavy weapons to lower the damage. You can dodge enemy attacks, can ambush the enemy, and can disarming the enemy.

After taking damage player can hide in a better place to recover the damage. If in case you get killed you will be respawned in the hospital. If you do any kind of crime in GTA 4 mobile game, you will be seen as a wanted criminal.

As you increase the crime, your star will be raised. The maximum number of stars is 6 stars. After that whole army of police will come to kill you. To lower the wanted stars you have to run for a long time. After that, your wanted stars will be decreased and you can freely move around again.

GTA 4 mobile provides you with pretty good side missions. In those missions, you have to do certain tasks to gain experience and money. Tasks like chasing vigilantes with vehicles within a time limit. Delivering some items from one place to another.

When delivering, the police might chase you down. Be careful while completing tasks. You can also receive tasks by mail or call from your cell phone.

gta 4 android red car near ocean

It will show you on the screen to receive the call or open the mail. As the protagonist Niko Bellic tries to get rid of his past you will see him doing some good deeds. Like helping people and going on date with his girlfriend. Lead the story as you want because in GTA 4 android game, it gives you full access to the map and you can do everything in it.

The upcoming updates in GTA IV mobile allow users to play online multiplayer mode. In this mode, the player can play with 32 different players from all around the world. Deathmatches are available in GTA 4 mobile game. In this mode, you will be fighting against other players and killing them to score points.

You can also rank up by playing multiplayer modes. Get into the world rank among all those famous players. It also includes street race modes in which you can drive cars and race with other players within a given time limit.

Also GTA 4 mobile provides you with free mode which gives access to freely roam around the map by enjoying everything. You can also control the traffics by changing signals, and weapons of wide range. Roam around the world to discover new things.

GTA 4 Android Game Requirements

Game NameGrand Theft Auto: IV
Size629 MB
Required Android4.4 and Up
Apk Provided
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How To Download GTA 4 Apk + OBB For Android

At first, it was launched for pc and consoles, and there is no official GTA 4 Android launched yet. So, here we will provide you the downloading steps and download link for GTA 4 Apk. Simply follow the below instructions and install the game.

  • Click on the “download apk” button below.
  • Then allow permission from unknown sources on your mobile setting.
  • After installing the apk, then open GTA 4 and enjoy the game.

Pros & Cons Of GTA IV Android


  • Good graphics.
  • Better storyline.
  • Improved world.
  • Can shoot or record gameplay footage.
  • New missions with extra side missions.


  • Bad control issues.
  • Minor visual ups and downs.
  • Might face technical issues.


This is all about GTA 4 Android game. In this game, you can enjoy an amazing storyline, roam in the free world, and have different weapons. Here we gave you all the game details and download links of the GTA IV android game. If you have any questions regarding the GTA 4 mobile game, you can comment down below so that we can answer your questions. For more GTA sequels-related games stay in our blog and enjoy.