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On This Website You Can Download GTA V APK + OBB For Android Without Verification. The Most Amazing Action Adventure Game GTA 5 Is Now Available On Your Mobile.

If you are searching for GTA 5 Mobile Download, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you the latest information about GTA V mobile.

Grand theft auto V is the best action-adventure game ever made by Rockstar Games. This game is developed and published by rockstar games. After so many blockbuster series like GTA vice city, and GTA san andreas, GTA III Rockstar made its seventh edition of the GTA series in 2013. GTA V consists of three protagonists named Franklin, Trevor Phillips, and Michael.

Based on their stories the game storyline leads you to splendid gameplay with a modern developed free world. You can get access to everything and can get awesome vehicles in the game. GTA V earned above 1 billion dollars in its first three days.

As it initially came for pc and consoles then after it came for all Android devices and ios devices. It requires the above Android 4.4 version to run smoothly on your Android device. For more details stay with us because we will provide you with all the details and download link of GTA V mobile.

About GTA V Mobile


As per the information, the storyline varies from sequel to sequel. GTA 5 mobile has a unique storyline and gameplay. Here you can play characters like Michael de Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips who are bank robbers, gangsters, and gunrunners in professions. GTA V mobile is based on the map of san andreas, los santos, and Blaine Country.

The protagonists make their moves, money heists against a corrupted government agency, and dangerous criminals in worth to play. Roam around freely, drive whatever you want, and fight whomever you want.

Free large maps let you do anything which makes it even more amazing. In GTA V mobile you can either play in the third-person perspective or the first-person perspective depending on you. Check the map in the right top corner and roam around using different types of vehicles which aren’t available in any of the previous sequels of GTA mobile.

Features In GTA 5 Android

GTA 5 Android is an adventure and action game. As for all GTA series, the same gameplay goes for every sequel. Clear missions, enjoyable rides, and amazing graphics. But in GTA 5 you can roam around freely and enjoy the free world. This includes a map of san andreas, los santos, and Blaine Country.

As the story is going on you can also switch between three characters. All the characters are connected to different stories. Here the crime level is up to 5 stars which is pretty much the same in every single GTA sequel. You can use melee, explosives, and all types of guns. You can also run fast, jump, swim, and can use different vehicles.

In GTA 5 there are lots of vehicles like cars, jeeps, trucks, tanks, airplanes, ships, etc; you have a health bar above the right corner. When you took damage the health will eventually become low but after some time it will regenerate slowly. But after dealing with a huge damage you will be dead and recalled to a hospital or saved checkpoints.

Follow the mini-map to roam around different places. The weather will change according to the time of summer, rain, winter, etc; the graphics are far better than all GTA sequels. Here you have 3 characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.


You will play as one of the characters and other characters will change according to the mission. For some missions you need to play as Franklin and in others you will play as Trevor. Each character has a backstory that represents them throughout the game.

As you know GTA 5 Android game is all about the heist. You have to rob a bank or you have to save someone from the criminals. In some missions, you have to use stealth to save innocent civilians.

Following the mission you have to do certain tasks including buying, selling, exchanging goods, fighting, and stealing everything. In GTA 5 Android mobile this free roaming world you will meet up few mafias with whom you have to settle some business.

Going to clubs and strip clubs for other missions. You can also do scuba diving, base jumping, and other astonishing stunts which will give you experience and money.

In GTA V mobile You can also buy places in different areas, can buy garages, and big and small houses. The graphics and color contrast are way cooler and more amazing than the previous GTA sequels.

In GTA 5 Android mobile you can also make different types of appearances. Changing clothes, shaving haircuts and body tattoos are available which you will see throughout the game.

Customized character design, outfits, and swaps between 3 characters will be available in the brilliant storyline. Some of the weapons are available In the inventory. Others will be available by completing missions or you can get guns, explosives, and ammo in the gun shop using game cash.

Literally, you can do anything in this game like anything. All kinds of supercars are available. Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, ranger over, mustang, etc; are available on the streets. You can also find tanks, airplanes, helicopters, yachts, and trucks which you can ride easily.

Coming to the bikes different bullets, superbikes, dirt bikes, and scooters are also available. Mountains, the sea, plains, and busy streets will allow you to do everything.

In GTA V mobile Heist, missions are more amazing in which you will see a variety of tasks. You have to hack some systems, control cameras, driving including robbing large banks which are thrilling missions. You will enter as a character with your gang clearing step by step and robbing with ease.

In the following process, you need to kill some policeman, not the hostages. Killing more policemen increases your star level which will make you more wanted. Increasing stars will cause you to be chased by polices, helicopters, tanks, and SWAT teams even if you are at sea the police will follow on the boats. You can’t get away from them.

GTA 5 Mobile Requirements

Game NameGTA 5 Mobile
Size104 MB
Required Android7.0 and Up
Ram3 GB and Above
CPUQuad Core and Above
StorageMinimum 8 GB
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How To Download GTA 5 For Android?

GTA 5 android game is available for Android devices. This free world dominion game is available for free. Free of some space in your device makes this game run smoother. Below we will give you full instructions about how to download it on an Android device. Please follow it and install it on your Android device.

  1. First of all click on the download Apk below.
  2. Then download the OBB button below.
  3. After that install the Apk and move the downloaded OBB to the destined folder.
  4. Then restart the device and enjoy the game.

How To Install GTA 5 APK + OBB On Your Android Phone?

At first, it was launched for pc and consoles- PS3, PS4, and PS5. Then it came to all Android devices with better gameplay. No need to worry. Here we will provide you the instructions and download link for GTA 5 Apk and OBB. Simply follow the below instructions.

  • First click on the “Download Apk” button above.
  • Then allow permission from unknown sources on your Android device.
  • After installing the apk then click the ‘download obb’ button.
  • Download the OBB file and Extract it using any RAR App. Then copy the OBB folder and move it to its destined folder.
  • The path of OBB is Internal Storage > Android > OBB.
  • Open the game and enjoy.

Advantage Of Grand Theft Auto V Mobile

There are a lot of advantages of GTA V mobile because it is a pc and console game. Running it on the mobile is possible. It runs on every Android device which makes GTA V mobile more amazing. Loads of missions in different places, exciting vehicle chases, variety of bikes and cars are available throughout the game. The best part is after so many sequels GTA V got better at everything like the graphics, the gameplay, the storyline, the character development, and the missions. Each of them is top-notch.

You can roam around freely with your vehicles or by walking. The locations are splendid. The weather will change subsequently. In GTA V you can see busy and crowdy streets with amazing cars. Cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, range rover, etc will be seen in the streets.

If you complete a solid mission you can get a brand new supercar also. By using your game money you can buy houses, garages, small places, and small shops easily. Clear some missions to get money and exp. Then enjoy the game following the storyline.

How To Play GTA 5 Mobile?


In GTA V mobile you can play it using the given joystick. Use the Left joystick to move your character, like front, back, side, and upwards. By using the right joystick you can jump, crouch, shoot, and run. Also, you get a scope-in button that you can use to aim. Press enter to enter any vehicle. In GTA V android the character can swim, jump and climb on his own, without using any cheats.

When entering a vehicle you will see two joysticks on the screen. Left one is used to handle the steering and the right joystick is used to use the brakes and acceleration.

In GTA V drifting is more amazing because of the cars. You will get joysticks on your screen to play it on mobile. The left joystick is for character movement and the right is for punching and shooting. You can also get duck, jump, climb, run, and ride options.

Throwing grenades, and reload options are also near your right joysticks. When you are near the vehicles you will see an enter option. By clicking which you can get to enter the vehicle easily.

Pros & Cons GTA 5 Mobile

In my opinion, there are no cons to GTA V mobile game. Because the game is developed so well that it will blow up your mind. Here below we will let you know the pros and cons of the GTA V Android game shortly.


  1. Better graphics quality and amazing gameplay.
  2. Great storyline.
  3. Extraordinary missions and lots of side tasks.
  4. Plenty of bikes, cars, and all kinds of brands available.
  5. Weather changing, crowded streets.
  6. Missions with amazing rewards.
  7. Use the money to buy places.


  1. A lot of microtransactions.
  2. Expensive items.
  3. Custom maps can be improved.


This is all about GTA 5 mobile. As you know this is one of the best rockstar games ever made. When the game was first launched it has gone viral as it hits billions of sales within 2-3 years. You know the craziness of the GTA series.


Is GTA 5 available for Android?

Yes, it is available for all Android devices.

What is the download size of GTA 5 for Android?

The size of the Apk file is 15MB and the size of the OBB file is 90.6 MB.

Is GTA 5 Mobile an Online Game?

No, it is an offline game. But you can also play it online as it provides online multiplayer mode.